TFE Videographer

Trash Free Earth (TFE) is an environmental non-profit organization. TFE members are passionate individuals who donate their skills and time to help the organization provide its services to the community and the environment. We are currently looking for a passionate videographer to join our team. We are looking for someone who is naturally creative. Someone who has a passion for film making and editing. Someone who is resourceful, responsive, and eager to get the job done. All with a smile on their face. It is important for us that you love what you do and believe in what we do.

As a TFE videographer you will have to attend at least one cleanup per month. Film activities before, during, and after event. Our cleanups are currently only on the weekends, usually in the morning. After attending the event you have to create a 1 minute video for us to post on TFE's Instagram and a 2-3 minute video to upload on TFE's YouTube channel. Once uploaded on YouTube we will share it with the volunteers who attended the event and Facebook. The videos are for the community to use to help spread awareness about our cause, videos will also be used for social media, projects and marketing. The 1 minute video we will need 24 hours after event and longer video 72 hours after event. Participation will vary based on needs of organization.

A handsome amount of experience is to be gained. We are all volunteers, no monetary compensation is provided at this time. If you are a film maker looking for experience, exposure, to build your professional portfolio, and/or want to donate your service/skills to a non-profit you believe in, then this may be something for you.

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