Trash Free Earth Captains

Trash Free Earth (TFE) is an environmental non-profit organization administered by passionate community members. Committed TFE members provide their skills and time in the organization to serve the community and environment.

We are currently looking for Trash Free Earth Captains to join our team. TFE Captains provide leadership, guidance, and ensure the safety of the volunteers at our cleanups with the help of other captains.

Applicants are being asked for at least a year commitment. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about creating change in their community and strongly believe in Trash Free Earth's mission. Passion, hard work and dedication to the organization is very important to us.  Please review requirements and responsibilities below, if after reading you are still interested in becoming a TFE Captain, please fill out form below.


  • Have attended a Trash Free Earth cleanup and familiar with our process.

  • Passionate about our mission, to reduce the amount of trash impacting our natural environment.

  • Comfortable talking in front of small groups and leading the way.

  • Available to attend cleanups, which are mostly held on Saturday mornings and sometimes Sundays.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist guide volunteers the area that is being cleaned.

  • Ensure volunteers are staying with the group and safe.

  • Answer any questions volunteers may have during the cleanup.

  • Carry trash bags, first aid kit, walkie talkie, gloves, and wear safety vest (all will be provided).

  • Attend at least 70% of the cleanups. Currently hosting one cleanup per month.

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to cleanup to help set-up. Stay approximately an hour after the event to help cleanup, weigh trash, and debrief meeting with team.

  • Bring positive energy and have fun.

A handsome amount of experience is to be gained. We are all volunteers, no monetary compensation is provided at this time. However, you will be introduced at the cleanups as a TFE captain, receive a custom TFE captain vest (yours to keep), and officially part of the Trash Free Earth team.

If you aRE interested IN BECOMING a tfe captain,

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