We have a community through Facebook where we share our thoughts, dirty places, the different things we are doing and the first place where we share all of our updates. This is the place where the TFE members get to interact with the community volunteer. Want to join a group of likeminded people who want to make this world a better place, just click here?


We are always looking for people like yourself to join us. We host at least three cleanups every month in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Last year we hosted our first out of state cleanup in Arizona. We try our best to expand as much as possible in Southern California. If you are interested in joining us or would like to see our upcoming events, please click here.


No matter where you are in the world, you can join our movement by doing the Trash Free Earth Challenge.
*Please read the rules carefully. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by emailing us at*
Earn your patch by completing the following 5 steps:
1) Park cleanup – Do a park cleanup with alone or with a group. Take a picture after your cleanup documenting what you collected.
2) Trail cleanup – Do a trail cleanup alone or with a group. Take a picture after your cleanup documenting what you collected.

3) Street cleanup – Do a street cleanup alone or with a group.

Take a picture after your cleanups documenting what you collected.
**If you attend(ed) a TFE park, street, and/or trail cleanup you can count it as one of the above. For example, if you attend(ed) a Skid Row cleanup then you can count it as a street cleanup (#3). Please note you DO NOT have to attend one of our TFE cleanups to make it count, but you can count our cleanups as #1, #2, &/or #3.**

4) Art with Trash – With the trash you collect from any cleanup, we would like you to make something creative! Please wash them and then make a piece of art, OR you can collect things at home that you normally would throw in the trash and make an art piece out of those items instead of throwing them in the trash.

5) Host your own cleanup – Pick a park, street, or trail in your community that is in need of attention. Post on your social media inviting your family and friends to attend your cleanup. Provide bags and gloves OR ask your volunteers to bring their own. We need to see this post AND the picture of the event to count this as hosting your own cleanup. If we are local to your cleanup and scheduling permits we might even stop by your cleanup to support you!

Once finished, please post a picture collage of you completing all five steps. Use #TrashFreeEarthChallenge to help us keep track of all challengers. NOTE: if your social media is private and we do not follow you then we will not be able to see this. You will have to either DM or email us your pictures. Once we verify that you completed the challenge, we will ask for your mailing address and we will mail you your TFE patch. Anyone who can receive mail from the U.S. can participate in this challenge.

These patches can only be earned and will not be sold; we only have 300 limited edition patches. This challenge will go on as long as supplies last (we will remove this once the challenge is over)!
Have fun, and thank you your interest in the Trash Free Earth Challenge!