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The Fool’s Traverse is a challenging endurance event created to raise awareness for outdoor stewardship throughout our public lands. The event consists of 11 peak checkpoints within the Mt Baldy area of which participants will need to strategically navigate as much of the course as they are physically capable in order to increase eligibility to win prizes. Participants will also be educated of the human impact in Southern California’s local wilderness while enjoying the outdoors and learning new skills for outdoor navigation.

The 11 peak markers are located almost completely above 8,000 feet with the exception of Sugarloaf Peak (6,930 feet) and the trails that connect them feature scenic views as well as drastic elevation change. The terrain encountered combines easy dirt paths, with sections of technical class-2 granite, and some steep talus fields. Its participants will be rewarded with stunning views of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness, the Angeles National Forest, and the Cucamonga Wilderness territories.